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Cure Horse Rearing



Horse Rearing Problems?


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Read on to find out how you can stop your horse rearing in days

You do not have to put up with this behaviour from your horse!

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 A rearing horse can be a real problem if not dealt with quickly.

Bad horse behaviour can become "embedded" very quickly if not immediately confronted. Not only is it frightening for all but the most experienced rider, but horses that start rearing, or for that matter develop any bad habits, are often worth a just fraction of their purchase price - can you afford to do nothing?

The problem can often cause a "downward spiral" of poor  interaction between horse and rider. We all know how sensitive horses are to  a rider's mood.

Think about this scenario...

The horse rears - the rider deals with the situation incorrectly out of fear or inexperience. The next time the rider gets on the horse, feeling slightly (or very!) anxious. Anxiety  gets transmitted to the horse making it more likely to spook or rear, making the rider more nervous... and so it goes on to quickly become an entrenched problem, which is difficult to break.

You must act now.


What Causes Horses to Rear?

Rearing problems can start for a number of reasons from veterinary problems, confused signals from the rider to poor horse training, and yes some horses are just bloody minded!

It can also be for the tiniest of reasons... just recently my horse started to rear when being led from field into its stable. We quickly realised that this only happened with his fly-mask on. Clearly he didn't like going from a sunny field to a darker "scary" stable with his vision slightly impaired by the fly mask

Of course the big problem is once a horse does this to avoid a situation or instruction from the rider and  "gets away with it", what happens the next time it comes across something it doesn't want to do?...

you guessed it... up on the back legs again!

The good news is there are solutions...


How Can I Stop My Horse Rearing?

One to one training from horse trainers, can be very expensive, if you can find a competent person who you can trust. At last there is a simpler way

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We hope you have found this short article helpful

Safe riding

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